Čuvaj Se’s Dr. Tom Simpson is facilitating a summer seminar with Bosnian youth activists to discuss Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism, and grassroots activism in Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the first seminar, held on Saturday June 20th via Zoom, the group discussed “A Class Divided” an experiement in othering with Jane Elliott, as a way of introducing race and racism in America to students of Bosnia-Herzegovina. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mcCLm_LwpE

The group also discussed the “Be a Man” program in BiH challenging toxic stereotypes about masculinity in Bosnian culture and offering alternatives to agression: https://aeon.co/videos/how-young-bosnian-men-are-learning-to-separate-masculinity-from-violence

On the second meeting held by zoom Saturday June 27th, guest speaker, Chiara Milan gave a presentation on civic activism and grassroots movements in BiH. Dr. Milan just published a book Social Mobilization Beyond Ethnicity with Routledge Press and can be purchased here: https://www.routledge.com/Social-Mobilization-Beyond-Ethnicity-Civic-Activism-and-Grassroots-Movements/Milan/p/book/9780815387022

summer seminar 2
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