Tom Simpson, updates from the field(s)

Recently Tom has partnered with Bosnian filmmakers Emir Kapetanović and Zana Marjanović, editing the English subtitles for their new documentary The Change We Seek, which features ten youth who have joined the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN). The first 4 episodes are here:

Episode 1: Arevik Navoyan, Armenia

Episode 2: Malik Sakić, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Episode 3: Alexander Hamerski, Poland

Episode 4: Esma Gumberidze, Georgia(More episodes forthcoming!)

In his twelfth year as a faculty member at Phillips Exeter Academy, Tom teaches courses on religion, global ethics, and human rights. In the summer of 2019, he was a faculty member for the Global Citizens’ Youth Summit in Tokyo, Japan, where he taught about global ethics and gave a plenary lecture entitled “Never Forget, Never Again, Never Give Up: Exploring Memory as a Moral Compass for the 21st Century, Through Case Studies from Japan.”

In 2019, Tom was a panelist for a symposium at Columbia University on “Lessons from the Ground: Framing and Interpreting Human Rights in the Balkans.

He published a review of Faruk Šehić’s Under Pressure in the Times Literary Supplement and a review of Emir Kapetanović and Zana Marjanović’s film “ReGeneration” in Oslobođenje. 

As an editor for American Microreviews and Interviews, Tom published interviews with poets Aria AberBola OpalekeDonika KellyAlina StefanescuBunkong TuonMary Biddinger, and Shara Lessley.

As a contributing editor for Tar River Poetry, Tom wrote reviews of Chelsea Dingman’s Thawand Shaindel Beers’ Secure Your Own MaskIn the Kenyon Review Online Tom published a review of Heidi Lynn Nilsson’s For the Fire from the Straw.

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