Where We Work

Čuvaj Se’s existing projects are in the United States, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Syria, Jordan, Estonia, Eastern Ukraine, with upcoming projects planned for Kurdistan. We also work with trauma survivors and refugees in under served communities in the United States. We do poetry and creative writing workshops at all levels and grades, English as a second language workshops, critical thinking and media literacy workshops, pro-democracy and human rights seminars and workshops, and LGBTQ+ workshops. We also seek to support translation projects, new publishing presses, and emergency relief for students and writers caught in conflict zones or the international refugee/migration crisis. Because of the ongoing trauma of gun-violence and racism in the United States, as well as the erosion of democratic norms here at home, we have a special commitment to anti-violence and pro-democracy work in communities within our own borders. In particular, Cuvaj se works with refugee and migrant populations, especially with education, tutoring, ESL, for both adults and youth and after-school creative writing activities with youth.

If you are interested in supporting this work or partnering with our organization please contact me at  heatherderrsmith@cuvajse.org or hsmithwdm@gmail.com.