Cuvaj se/Take care was started in September 2017 as a 501(c)3 for the purpose of applying to grants to fund poetry workshops in communities affected by trauma, especially conflict zones and post-conflict recovery areas. The founder, Heathen (Heather Derr-Smith) is a poet with five books and volunteered teaching poetry in refugee camps for many years and decided to try to expand capacity with grant projects. We have a tiny budget with activities facilitated by volunteers. We also raised a small amount of funds for individual awards to poets and NGO’s doing good work on the ground. All donations were given directly to the people and orgs we care about. For now we are on hiatus and not accepting any donations while we plan next steps.

On this page you can find documents and links to information regarding our finances, budgets, grant awards, donations and more.

Documents listed below:

Biennial Report 2021

Proof of EIN and nonprofit status

2021 Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Summer 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Cuvaj se US Embassy Grant Documentation 2018