Cuvaj se/Take care is committed to the highest standard of ethics in non-profit management. We are a tiny organization, run by volunteers still in the process of learning how to manage a nonprofit effectively and to expand our capacity. Our Founder and Director is taking courses at the University of Iowa in Nonprofit management and implementing best practices as they learn.

Our nonprofit relies upon donations and grants, the combination of which has been less than $7,000.00 a year. Heather Smith provides a majority of the funding for Cuvaj se out of her own pocket with supplementation from donations and a grant from the US Embassy for 5,000.00 in 2018.

Our budget has been very small. We are hoping to build capacity in 2022 and grow as an organization. Our goal is to bring our budget up to $15,000.00 for 2022.

On this page you can find documents and links to information regarding our finances, budgets, grant awards, donations and more.

Documents listed below:

Biennial Report 2021

Proof of EIN and nonprofit status

2021 Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Summer 2021 Board Meeting Notes

Cuvaj se US Embassy Grant Documentation 2018