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November and December 2018 Update

Cuvaj se was able to offer a grant of $500.00 in November to the Prometei Rehabilitation Centre in Zaporizhia, Ukraine to help with their needs for the winter. And we followed up with another 300.00 gift. These funds were raised entirely through donations and every penny went to the centre directly. Prometei supports children with disabilities and their families. This time of year can be hard with sporadic electricity and unreliable heat. Right now the region is under continued pressure from Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and the situation is precarious. Cuvaj se’s director, Heather Derr-Smith visited Prometei in November 2017 and saw first hand the incredible work staff and volunteers were doing to serve hundreds of children and their families. They offer schooling, shelter, clothing, counseling, occupational therapy and more. You can give money to support the work of Prometei at our donations page here:






Čuvaj Se, a nonprofit literary human rights organization based in the United States, is delighted to announce that it has awarded its first annual Excellence in Literature Award to Amila Kahrović Posavljak of Bosnia-Herzegovina for her novel Smrtova Djeca(“Death’s Children”). With its partnerships and grants, Čuvaj Se celebrates emerging authors who exhibit literary brilliance and a spirit of fierce, free expression. This award, which comes with a cash prize, recognizes the distinctive contribution that Smrtova Djeca has made to the literature of marginalized communities and to the memory of war and aggression against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s. The award will also support the translation of Smrtova Djeca into English and the placement of the translated edition in U.S. bookstores. Congratulations, Amila!



Update on Asylum/Refugee/Migration assustance

We are so thankful for everyone who donated to our Go-Fund Me for a young student in need of asylum. There was such a huge outpouring of love and support. We raised over $3,000.00 and he is now in a safe situation with a work permit and able to support himself.  He says, “I want to thank each and every one of you for making this past year possible. I have had the chance to acclimate back into American society. Things have definitely changed since I was here in 2015. I’ve also had the chance to make strides towards my long-term stability. Without you it would have been impossible to survive.”  We wish him so much love, strength, and continued freedom and safety in the years ahead.



Cuvaj se will be heading to Sarajevo in October to do interviews with Bosnian writers, meet with TPOFoundation one of our favorite organizations doing incredible work with gender equality and education in BiH.  Cuvaj se and TPO did some collaborative workshops in 2017 on teacher curriculum in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and next week there will be a Women’s Symposium. And most exciting of all, Cuvaj se will be awarding a grant to a Sarajevan writer. We will share more details during the week!