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2020 Čuvaj Se Summer Seminars

Čuvaj Se’s Dr. Tom Simpson is facilitating a summer seminar with Bosnian youth activists to discuss Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism, and grassroots activism in Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the first seminar, held on Saturday June 20th via Zoom, the group discussed “A Class Divided” an experiement in othering with Jane Elliott, as a way of introducing race and racism in America to students of Bosnia-Herzegovina. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mcCLm_LwpE

The group also discussed the “Be a Man” program in BiH challenging toxic stereotypes about masculinity in Bosnian culture and offering alternatives to agression: https://aeon.co/videos/how-young-bosnian-men-are-learning-to-separate-masculinity-from-violence

On the second meeting held by zoom Saturday June 27th, guest speaker, Chiara Milan gave a presentation on civic activism and grassroots movements in BiH. Dr. Milan just published a book Social Mobilization Beyond Ethnicity with Routledge Press and can be purchased here: https://www.routledge.com/Social-Mobilization-Beyond-Ethnicity-Civic-Activism-and-Grassroots-Movements/Milan/p/book/9780815387022

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In 2018 Tom Simpson, attended the U.S. premieres of “ReGeneracija” / “ReGeneration,” a brilliant new documentary film directed by Emir Kapetanović and produced by Zana Marjanović. Featuring ten youth “reconciliation ambassadors” (Serb, Croat, and Bosniak) from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, the film was supported by USAID and IRI Global. The screenings were held at the UN headquarters in New York City and the iconic E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C.

Tom edited the film’s English subtitles and press kit; for that he was named the film’s associate producer (his first film credit!). Before that, he also reviewed the film; you can read that review here.