Čuvaj Se (pronounced “choov-eye-say”) is a literary nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting writers and students in communities affected by war and the international migration/refugee crisis. 

The phrase Čuvaj se (“take care” in Bosnian / Serbian / Croatian) took on special significance to the citizens of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war, when death from shelling, snipers, and starvation meant friends and family would part, not knowing whether they would see one another again.

We fund poetry workshops in conflict and post-conflict zones as well as with refugee and migrant populations in the United States.

We fund pro-democracy, LGBTQ, feminist, human rights, media literacy and critical thinking workshops internationally and in our local communities.

We fund translations of poets and writers in conflict and post-conflict zones.

We are seeking to partner with literary and human rights organizations supporting these efforts on the ground in communities affected by conflict.

For more information or to propose a partnership/coordinate on projects contact  or hsmithwdm@gmail.com.