Čuvaj se’s director in Bihać, BiH, Adnan Kurtagić & his Red Cross team work day & night with migrants caught in a humanitarian crisis on the border with Croatia as well as caring for local Bosnians in need. Yesterday Adnan coordinated a blood drive for Red Cross and donated blood for the fourth time! He’s also a gifted poet & translator, bringing the works of poets like Jericho Brown, Audre Lorde, Danez Smith and others to Bosnian readers (new publications coming soon!) If you ant to help support Adnan’s work you can donate here: https://paypal.me/cuvajse?locale.x=en_US .

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this amazing human. Pics here of Adnan, colleagues, & his team in action. ❤️ we are so proud of him!!

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