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Sending out love to all the survivors, organizers, educators, and activists involved in commemoration services, memorials, panels, and worship services in Bosnia and around the world during this week’s anniversary of the genocide in Bosnia and Srebrenica. We see you and are grateful for all you do. Cuvaj se stands with you.

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Join the North East Bosnian Community in remembering the Bosnian Genocide on Thursday 9th July at 7pm on Facebook.
This event will be streamed on our community page Bosnian Community North East as well as by our co-hosts Stand Up To Racism – North East and NEAR – North East Against Racism.
In conversation with Una Srabovic-Ryan and Gordon Bacon.
Una Srabović-Ryan is a British Bosnian whose biological father was killed in the Srebrenica genocide. She was adopted at 6 months and moved with her adoptive family at the age of 5 to the UK. In 2016 she went to Australia to meet her biological mother. It was during her time there that she learnt of her father’s name and saw his picture for the first time.
Gordon Bacon became an Emergency Aid Worker in the war-torn Balkans in 1992, as head of a British Charity, Feed the Children. He would go on to spend almost 20 years in aid-related work, most of it in the Balkans but also in Georgia (post conflict), Sri Lanka (twice – after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and towards the end of the civil war 2009) and Myanmar (after Cyclone Nargis in 2008).
Moderated by Emlyn Pearce and Smajo Beso

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